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International Day Of Femslash

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"On the 19th July, 2008, the on-line femslash community has an opportunity to raise its head high and proclaim to the world its delight in all things femslash. Whether you're a seasoned writer, with hordes of ardent fans, or a timid newcomer, you have the chance to make your voice heard and to help put femslash well and truly on the map.

Simply post your stories, videos, graphics, essays, poems or other femslash related works to an archive, community, group or forum on 19th July, 2008, to show your support. Where you choose to post your creative efforts is up to you; although, we do hope to gather together an extensive list of web-sites, lj communities, Yahoo Groups and forums which support our efforts, but feel free to post widely to wherever femslash is welcome.

For too many years, femslash has been treated as the distant cousin to the het and slash king and queen of fandom, so this is our opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves, as much as anyone else, that we are a force to be reckoned with."  - www.femslashday.com

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Title: Mirror image.
Fandom: Crossing Jordan.
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Jordan/Lu.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but two kittens and a fifty cent coin with a picture of an Australian football team on it. Therefore I don’t own Crossing Jordan or any of it’s characters, however if you are willing to sell, I’m willing to give you that fifty cents. 
Summary: I’ve been watching the episode, and I thought….what if it happened the other way around?
Spoilers: “33 Bullets” 6x03.

There should really be some more J/L Fics. *hint*

Here we go!

33 Bullets music video

I made my first music video today. It was long planned, but somehow I never managed to work on it. But today was the day :)
It's not the best video ever, but I think for the first time and without much knowlegde about the program (I do hate user manuals or help functions) it's okay.
I hope you like it and leave me a comment (good or bad doesn't matter - I can live with both *g*)
(If youtube isn't working, try photobucket)
Titel: "A Tribute to Lu"
Song: "Goodbye my Friend" by Linda Ronstadt
Episode: 6.03 "33 Bullets"
Characters: Lu, Jordan, Woody
Description: Jordan and Woody have to deal with Lu's sudden death, and they realize that they still have feelings for each other, which finally helps them to move on.

fic: Somewhere in between [Jordan/Lu]

Title: Somewhere in between
Author: nici_cavanaugh
Word Count: 4.525
Rating: PG-13
A/N:  Spoilers for 6.02 "Shattered"

This is a German fic, because my english is not as good as it should be to write whole stories. But maybe there are some people out there who speak German.
@mods: If linking to non-english fics isn't allowed here, please feel free to delete this entry or tell me so that I can delete it by myself.

(follow the fake cut )